Mozilla Thunderbird Released

Thursday September 14th, 2006

Mozilla Thunderbird is now available for download from the Mozilla Thunderbird product page. Users of previous version will be offered the upgrade through the Thunderbird software update system. This release fixes several critical security vulnerabilities. See the Mozilla Thunderbird Release Notes for more information.

#4 Thunderbird security flaw?

by mestizo

Tuesday September 19th, 2006 1:57 AM

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Last night whilst working on my computer I found an email sent from my account on thunderbird, it appeared in my sent items folders, whilst I was sat there and I surely did not send it myself. Im not an IT professional so perhaps the security problem does not lie with Thunderbird. I have run an ad-aware scan and norton antivirus, both using the latest definitions, and neither found virus besides the usual couple of adware devices. I have changed the passwords on my email accounts but wonder if there is another problem I should address. Any useful suggestions would be gratefully accepted. Thanks in advance Sam