Mozilla Firefox Released

Thursday September 14th, 2006

Mozilla Firefox is now available for download from the Mozilla Firefox product page. Users of previous version will be offered the upgrade through the Firefox software update system. This release fixes several critical security vulnerabilities. See the Mozilla Firefox Release Notes for more information.

#15 "upgrade" was a mistake for me

by pcmasochist

Monday September 25th, 2006 5:51 PM

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After downloading and installing I've had many problems including (1) xp home reports that it has recovered from a serious error [3 times so far, only the last one reported to MS] (2) page up/down erratic in function, though they work fine in mozilla 1.7.13 (3) It allowed an "hourly prize notification" immediatly after I validated my mozillazine membership, even though I had popups blocked ...and I fear I've experienced only the tip of this iceberg.

My above problems, plus the vagueness of the "history" screen and the impossibility of saving the firefox history file as decypherable ascii (an issue that has bugged me for too long anyway) and the fact that I've used, and can use again, other browsers without the hassels of FireFox are some of the reasons why I'm giving up on firefox.