Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 2 Milestone Released

Friday September 1st, 2006

Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 2 has been released. This milestone for developers and testers includes a visual refresh of the theme and user interface. Other features new to Firefox 2 include phishing protection, search suggestions, session restore, support for JavaScript 1.7, Live Titles for bookmarks (using microsummaries) and a new Windows installer. For more information, refer to the Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 2 Release Notes, and the release announcement at the Mozilla Developer News weblog, which includes download links.

#7 Visual degredation

by jeroen

Saturday September 2nd, 2006 7:36 AM

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I really like most of the improvements, but I think the visual refresh is absolutely horrible, not to mention unnecessary. The icons are blurry and dull. Why can't I remove the search go button? Enter does the job just fine. It just clutters the interface imo. I really don't get it. When the Winstripe theme was first introduced there was a refresh some time after that. The motivation given for this was better compliance with the interface guidelines on the different platforms. Where has this motivation gone? Because this surely isn't following the guidelines very well. When used on XP using no theme it looks absolutely terrible. When using Luna it looks slightly better and more streamlined, but I detest Luna, and don't use any theme for that matter. And no, I don't use themes for Firefox either, I like apps to look nice by default. Winstripe was clean and clear, this new theme is just a total mess imo. I really hope this will be improved A LOT.