Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 2 Milestone Released

Friday September 1st, 2006

Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 2 has been released. This milestone for developers and testers includes a visual refresh of the theme and user interface. Other features new to Firefox 2 include phishing protection, search suggestions, session restore, support for JavaScript 1.7, Live Titles for bookmarks (using microsummaries) and a new Windows installer. For more information, refer to the Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 2 Release Notes, and the release announcement at the Mozilla Developer News weblog, which includes download links.

#60 Feedback and help ...

by johann_p

Sunday September 10th, 2006 2:04 AM

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That is, if the developers are aware of the shortcomings. Since the site has been sucking essentially since its creation and some things got even worse since then, I doubt that the developers have a realistic opinion about their creation. Also, the other important point was that if the developers are simply not able to get this done, I am sure that -- as with FF/TB itself -- there are many qualified people who would be able and motivated to help. However, since so little is published about the site and since it is quite hard to see how helping would be possible at all, all that talent and potential work is thrown away.

I am not sure, but it looks a lot as if the developer of AMO either do not give a damn or arrogantly think that everything is optimal with their site anyways. To repeat myself: since *the* major innovation and way of making them useful for FF and TB is the extension feature, these developer attitudes are both counterproductive and embarrassing for the FF/TB project as a whole.