Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 2 Milestone Released

Friday September 1st, 2006

Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 2 has been released. This milestone for developers and testers includes a visual refresh of the theme and user interface. Other features new to Firefox 2 include phishing protection, search suggestions, session restore, support for JavaScript 1.7, Live Titles for bookmarks (using microsummaries) and a new Windows installer. For more information, refer to the Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 2 Release Notes, and the release announcement at the Mozilla Developer News weblog, which includes download links.

#56 Re: Remove tab close buttons...

by hhh

Friday September 8th, 2006 12:00 PM

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There is a hidden preference for this.

1) Type about:config in the URL bar and hit Enter 2) Right click an entry and choose "New > Integer" 3) Copy/Paste the following into the field... browser.tabs.closeButtons 4) Set a value, 0=close button only on active tab, 1=close buttons on all tabs, 2=no close buttons, 3=single close button at end of tab strip (old shool;)