Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 2 Milestone Released

Friday September 1st, 2006

Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 2 has been released. This milestone for developers and testers includes a visual refresh of the theme and user interface. Other features new to Firefox 2 include phishing protection, search suggestions, session restore, support for JavaScript 1.7, Live Titles for bookmarks (using microsummaries) and a new Windows installer. For more information, refer to the Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 2 Release Notes, and the release announcement at the Mozilla Developer News weblog, which includes download links.

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by leafdigital

Friday September 8th, 2006 2:11 AM

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'With so many bugs and things being broken, one would expect some way of easily giving feedback to the developers'

Actually, quite the reverse is true. If there's so many bugs and things broken, then developers clearly have plenty to do and there is no point in requesting feedback from users who will only repeatedly point out the same already-known issues. :)