Weekend Discussion: Usability - Mozilla to West Palm Beach

Friday November 10th, 2000

We're all probably keenly aware that there were numerous usability problems (and here) with the balloting in West Palm Beach county during this Presidential election which created voting patterns which according to statisticians are, for all practical purposes, an impossibility.

Not going into questions of legitimacy regarding the vote, my questions to you are these: Can blame be placed when usability issues create incorrect or uncertain results? Is there remedy? Much has been said about usability issues in Mozilla - how does Mozilla's usability play a part in the developer/user relationship? Is there blame to be placed if a lack of usability testing creates an interface that's difficult for users to navigate? Do you think a correlation can be drawn between software UI usability and usability issues for paper interfaces like government forms or ballots? What responsiblity, if any, does the user hold for navigating a UI or form that suffers from serious usability issues?

#21 Re: Window speed/mem usage

by asa <>

Sunday November 12th, 2000 4:45 PM

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I've been an Athlon fan since last Septmber when the first engineering samples were benchmarked byy ace's, sharky's, anand's, jc's and tom's but I'm a bit disappointed in the comments you posted about your Athlon machine. My work machines are PIII 550 with 128 MB RAM, a G$ with 256 MB RAM, and a PIII 650 with 128 MB RAM and for me I get (on average) a first new window via ctrl+n in less than 1 second, and after opening 10 windows with this method, the 11th window slows to about 3 to 4 seconds. I understnd that Mozilla is pretty slow at this task if your machine is less than say a P250 with 64 MB RAM or as I've woked with quite a bit a P100 with 16 MB RAM but I'm really surprised that your machine (mid to low range in today's new machine standards)suffers from this low level of performance. I guess the Athlon classic isn't really up to the level of the bnchmarks published by respected sources over the last 13 months. That's too bad. At least Tbird and Duron are now available and I expect that they are a fair bit better. -Asa