K-Meleon 1.0 Released

Sunday August 13th, 2006

K-Meleon 1.0 has been released. K-Meleon is a standalone Gecko-based browser for Windows, designed to be light, fast and highly customisable. This first non-beta release is based on the Mozilla code base (the same as Mozilla Firefox and introduces many new features, including a find bar, autocomplete in the URL bar, site icon support, new preference panels and many other improvements and bug fixes. The K-Meleon 1.0 Release Notes have more details and a full K-Meleon 1.0 changelog is also available.

#19 Re: Swift

by MozMonkey

Thursday August 24th, 2006 10:03 AM

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Thanks for the link. I'm happy with Firefox, but this sounds like it would be great for people who want to test their websites for compatibility with Safari but don't have access to a Mac computer.