Communicator Functionality Integrated Into IE!

Wednesday September 30th, 1998

Jason Kersey, MozBin administrator, writes in with some crazy news: "Want bizzare? How 'bout this? Netscape has made an ActiveX control that puts Netscape SmartBrowsing and Portal features into IE."

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And if you want to feel your bloodpressure raise a point or two, be sure to read to the very end to see Microsoft's truly twisted spin on this event. I swear that their spin would give a whirling dervish pause.

#3 Re:Communicator Functionality Integrated Into IE!

by Aleks Zawisza <>

Thursday October 1st, 1998 10:10 AM

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Microsoft's spin usually gets worse as their position is more unfavorable. I remember back in the days of IE2 and NN2, they were touting their "marquee" tag as the greatest web advancement in history, completely ignoring the fact that frames were gaining huge support and frames could only be viewed on Navigator.

Whatever happens, Microsoft will always have something ridiculously biased to say, it reminds me so much of the government propaganda back when I lived in Poland in the early 80's.