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DocZilla Announced!

by MIRJA HUKARI | DocZilla's Press Release:

First Third-Party Product Based On Netscape-initiated Mozilla Open Source Comes from CiTEC in Finland DocZilla Demonstrates the Most Advanced XML Browsing Capability on the Web

Netscape's daring gamble on an open source strategy has borne fruit in the first announcement of a component-based product built on Mozilla from CiTEC Information Technology in Finland. CiTEC's DocZilla takes up Netscape's challenge to "extend the reach of Mozilla technology".

CiTEC has taken advantage of Mozilla's unique approach to fostering component-based software development in creating DocZilla. The component mechanism is called XPCOM (Cross Platform COM) and has the advantage of working on all major operating systems.

The "DocZilla" components address the demanding requirements of complex documentation and electronic publishing systems: technical illustration, precision searching, efficient handling of extremely large documents, dynamically-generated navigators, powerful link capabilities, complex tables, and SGML.

DocZilla displays XML and SGML directly, just like HTML, using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and can manipulate the entire document dynamically using the Document Object Model (DOM) and JavaScript. "CSS works really well with XML, as our Demo Kit demonstrates," according to Ms. Hukari. "Combined with the DOM virtually anything can be accomplished in the browser's scripting environment. XML and the DOM leave DHTML in the dust. The next generation of capability for the Web has arrived."

SGML is the standard which is the father of both HTML and XML and has been in use for over a decade. The DocZilla team decided to do what many said was impossible, to support SGML in a standard Web browser along with XML and HTML. "There are many, many gigabytes of SGML documents out there, ready to take advantage of the Web infrastructure," says Joakim Ístman, DocZilla's Project Manager. "DocZilla provides a solution for getting complex information in SGML on the Web without the high costs of conversion.

DocZilla works equally well over the Intranet, in intranets, on local and network file systems, and on CD-ROM.

"The DocZilla Preview and Demo Kit is designed to help people understand and see first hand what XML and SGML on the Web is all about. We've also put in lots of cool stuff accessible with point-and-click simplicity", say Mirja Hukari, a.k.a. "Miss DocZilla" Communication Director for the DocZilla project.

DocZilla is slated for release in the second quarter of 1999, but a "Preview" can be download from the DocZilla web site today at,

XML techies who want to learn more about DocZilla and extending Mozilla will have a golden opportunity at the Sun- and IBM sponsored XTECH Conference ( in San Jose beginning March 7 where CITEC will offer an in-depth tutorial and conference presentation.

About CiTEC

CiTEC Information is a developer of advanced information systems and document-technologies, with an emphasis in structured information, open interchange, and the interoperability of information applications though the use of standards such as XML. CiTEC Information is based in Finland and is also a leading service provider in the Nordic region and internationally with customers such as Boeing, Allied Signal, Saab, Nokia, and Ericsson.

For more information contact:

Ms. Mirja Hukari Communication Director CiTEC Information Technology Tel +358 6 324 0700 Fax +358 6 324 0800 E-mail

Mr. Bjorn Peltonen Vice President Sales & Marketing CiTEC Information Technology Tel +358 6 324 0700 Fax +358 6 324 0800 E-mail

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