Independent Status Reports

by DAVID BOSWELL | Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

MozFR Update (Documentation en français sur Mozilla)
by Tristan Nitot

MozFR is a project that will federate contributors translating Mozilla documentation into French. Currently, the Mozilla 1.0 Start Page has already been translated, and is already available. Please note that this is a preliminary version.

CaScadeS Update (A stylesheet editor for Composer)
by Daniel Glazman

Version 0.1.6 of CaScadeS is available and includes: fixes bugs in 'font-size' and +/- spinbuttons handling, adds 'none' value for 'text-decoration' property; I also started working on the stylesheets and rules reordering through the UI Up and Down button.

Hermes Update (Your cute Internet messenger)
by Pete Bartecki

Hermes has been rewritten in XUL and a beta XPI is available on our xHermes page. Hermes will allow you to get easier access to different Web services like webmail (19 servers), SMS gateways (6 networks) or e-banking (3 banks).

There are plans to include many more services, but currently the floating xHermes window has a bug that crashes Mozilla and is stopping development. If you have some time to spare (c'mon the weekend is coming), please look into bug 160058 and help me with that.

mozdev Update (Mozilla-based project hosting site)
by David Boswell

The mozdev server was moved to a new hosting facility last weekend. We have a lot more bandwidth at this new location and the site has been much more responsive than it has been in a while. Come check out the site and enjoy the usable-ness of it all.

We have also started a Project of the Week section on the site. If you have a project you would like to feature, or if you would like to suggest a project to add to this list, send us a note.

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