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Various Bugzilla Numbers

by ASA DOTZLER | The recent posting to slashdot about Bugzilla's 100,000th report begs the question, "what other numbers can you give me?" Here are a few of the numbers I pulled out of the database last night. These numbers are all a little rough but should help make the picture a little more clear. About 18.7% of the reports in Bugzilla are still open (UNCONFIRMED, NEW, ASSIGNED, and REOPENED) issues. About 32.8% of the reports have the FIXED Resolution. About 45.4% of the reports in the system are WORKSFORME, INVALID or DUPLICATE. To break that last number down a little more, 26.3% of the database is Resolved as DUPLICATE, 12% WORKSFORME and 7.5% INVALID. About 5.5% of reports in the system are reported against something other than the Mozilla application suite.

Some other interesting numbers I came up with are that 60% of reports in the system were filed by people probably not employed ny Netscape. 76% of reports have had some participation from people outside of Netscape and 83% of bugs have had participation from from someone employed by Netscape. There are over 32,000 Bugzilla accounts. About 15,000 of those accounts are active accounts with about 12,000 actual reporters. There are 10 people that have filed over 700 reports with Henrik Gemal at the top ( 1764 reports!!), Seth Spitzer is second ( 1448 reports!) and David Baron the only other reporter over 1000 ( 1097 reports). Right now about 958 different users have Resolved Unconfirmed bugs and about 1000 people have the Bugzilla Can Edit and Can Confirm permissions.

These are just a few numbers that I thought folks might find interesting.

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